origami sakura

my origami sakura

I would love to

fold you up

tuck you into my pocket

and take you where Iย go


my origami sakura

I would love to

unfold you then

to stay in my uchi

to eat from my jubako

to dream on my futon


my origami sakura

I would love to

shade you from fireย and rain

not sodden nor scalded

so that you will always remain

crisp and cute

and necessary in my arms


and not just another white face

kimono clad


that crowds the tokonoma


come sit with me at the genkan

my origami sakura

let’s view what’s ahead of us


you are one hashi

and me, the other


the scenery is so beautiful..




27 responses to “origami sakura

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  2. Hello ,
    just a quick note to let you know my laptop must have been spammed or got a virus but i suspect,someone is doing this, anyway, someone since yesterday keep posting poems of other poets on my 2 blogs:
    i manage to delete things of these ones despise somebody is missing up with the technical side but on the other blog:
    i just saw now, someone put 3 poems who don`t beleive to me, i really would appreciate if you could also, as i am looking into it too, to find who is doing this!
    being a poet,i would never dreams of stealing ppls poems and would be very upset if he did happen to me, therefore the reason, i am sending you this email, so you know, this has nothing to me, as u can see i can write my own poem, so i would not dare stealing others.
    my deepest apologies for the inconveniences but like i say, they must be a way to find out who keep doing this.
    Blessings and lights, Herve Naudet/ the bible of chaos and orders.

    • if you are genuinely sorry, you need to act on it the soonest possible with the assistance of wordpress before further damage is done to your reputation. i have done my part to alert you and now, its your turn to make sure this mistake never repeats again. i have already forgiven you so no need for apologies. stay cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. lovely, as always ๐Ÿ™‚

    while separated, the words may seem haphazardly chosen, the replacement of any one of them would not make the poem any more beautiful than you have already written it to be.

    happy holidays ~

  4. Long time no see, Kris. ๐Ÿ™‚

    By breaking the pattern with the last line…
    Is it just lovely: being there with a friend and enjoy the life?

    (or is it just me being melancholic.. haha)

    Simply lovely.

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