63 responses to “relent

  1. Fiveloaf:

    This is an interesting paradox — the dance of lovers, that is why I love the Tango, —-

    Romantic and profound, a truly lovely poem.


  2. Your expression makes me think of times I should have relented a little my self. But I don’t think that that could have ever been really me if I had. Cheers man! Have a smile on me! 🙂

  3. Hi! I’m really abd with wordpress but I’m so glad with your post, especially this one. I really like this poem. Kudos!

    Thank you for liking my poem too…

  4. Aahh.. this vicious circle!! One never really knows how and where it began… but it just goes on and on.. no ?
    Nicely done, fiveloaf! Very stylish and original!

  5. Thank you fiveloaf for checking my blog out and for your kind words.. I will definitely take your advice and proceed forward.. 🙂
    Thanks once again.

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