two dynasties

me,  of   tang   descent

you,    a    sung    origin

on      the      footbridge

where I  found   myself

our   destiny   pulsates

droplets        of        you

pelted         my       skin


as you  streamed pass

your       dew      fertilize

the       entire     yonder

re-enacting   the  spirit

of our abled ancestors

in    awe,   I    whenced

the carps  understood..




24 responses to “two dynasties

  1. love the yin and yang of this piece and the use of the carp in the last line….it is a beautiful oriental picture painted ready to be hung on the wall….beautiful write…bkm

  2. Though not familiar with differences in two dynasties,
    Love can cover any distance, between hearts, societies, dynasties and nations too.
    Enjoyed the magnanimity of the thought.
    Nicely done

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