I find it strange

that you requite missing me

with mingling

that you equate concern

with intrusion of trust


I really don’t know


I find it strange

because I requite missing me

with solitude

and I equate concern

with unwavering devotion


I really don’t know


I find it strange

that we are in a deadlock

but solitude strays some minds

the same way that

mingling strays some hearts


I really don’t know..




57 responses to “deadlock

  1. Gaining and winning trust is tougher… but those deadlocks are even more dangerous!!
    I really liked the way you have portrayed your concerns here, FL… they seem so natural..

    Good luck with everything, my friend…
    And heartiest Congratulations on the award!! Absolutely well deserved!

  2. Oh, but then you really know.. liked visiting your site.. will do it more often..

    And thanks for your visit to my page.. for gracing my 100th post.. perhaps through potluck poetry.. I have moved on by putting almost 120th post.. through OSI on sunday.. would love you feedback.. thanks a million again..

  3. I was going to comment about the beauty of simple words containing such complicated emotion, however….I lost my train of thought after getting caught up in the comments, smiles!

  4. So beautifully said fiveloaf…often what we think is a way to show care and concern for another, is intrusion according to them. It is sad though, that such differences exist, and it hurts a lot. Beautiful and true poem.

  5. Another poem that digs the mystery of love and relationship. Well, true love always brings the questions of “Why?” but no correct answers to solve them.

    Nice poem. 🙂

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  9. It almost seems as though one person is walking away and the other person is following and not letting go, rather than opposing forces meeting in the middle, kind of a deadlock very peculiar way of caring and two very different people.

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