night safari

your tongue

lit up my night

and opened up sensations

of glorious sweet


I twitched

and moaned and growled

with your continual relish

of my torso


with you

I went on a night safari

a wandering ritual

that bound our intimacy


changing me

into a nocturnal animal

whilst cradling a wanting

of your cheekiness..




23 responses to “night safari

  1. Now I am officially naming you the King of Romance…no if’s or but’s…I soooo loved the last stanza, there was a wild passion in your words that kept me glued to the screen…and took me back on night safari’s back in Africa!! Well done 🙂 Hugs xx

      • Sorry, I don’t know what tq stands for, but I understand the question mark. They taught question marks when I went to school, way back in the middle ages. I didn’t mean to be so obtuse in my response to your poem. I was responding to both this poem and the previous sausage-waving lover. As one of your readers said, there aren’t any cliche’s in your work – it’s original. I felt like I was watching a poetry film – an adult film (won’t say porn, because that’s not what I meant). Intense close-ups on someone’s private sexual life with their lover – like a magnifying glass held 2″ away, and enough left to the imagination to include the reader’s mind. That’s what I was trying to say. This piece was more tender than the last one, which was kind of fun and kinky.

  2. I did not plan on being aroused and picturing some anonymous heated passion in the middle of the afternoon.

    Of course, I didn’t plan on coming across this post either.

    Fine work.

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