see saw

we are caught

on that see saw of sorts

of days gone by

we are into a game

of pushing oneself to rise

while the other falls


we are balanced

in an up down motion of glee

with that spacer

that wedges in between us

gripping onto that handle

riding without equilibrium



there is new found height

with every imprint we made on that ground

whilst the world rides in momentum

we always pick each other up

when the other tumbles..




30 responses to “see saw

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    • wow! sounds fun olivia! seems i have lost touch alot eversince cos i never knew there is this thing called monday poetry potluck party at jingle’s… well alright- count me in! (with the only specific condition that i reserve all my copyright even when i voluntarily send any of my poem links to your blog. can we agree on this? thank you olivia for your invitation!

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