no longer great

we  can no longer  be  great

if   we choose   to   distance

we   cannot   yield   strength

lest  we   could   both   moat

and soak clean the distress

and   till   we    cuddle   back

in   pampery    smiley   unity

we  can no longer be  great..




96 responses to “no longer great

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  2. Nice piece..United we stand, it takes more that one wall to make a house…bravo…bkm

  3. haha.. this was good!!! I like the irony you’ve pointed out here.. truly truly a good one!!
    Greatness is acknowledged only when displayed. And the act of displaying itself reduces that very greatness by a few degrees…
    LOVE IT !!!! Simply stated truths..

  4. kind of reminds me of an old song title “Islands in A Stream” seperated but yet with a means of reconnecting..a sort of two becoming one without losing eithers individuality..

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