total woman

you are

an emotional being

every inch of it

how I wish

that there is this

logical side of you

that helps you

to assess me


you are a total woman

and I am a total man


we complimented

and drew fromΒ each

others strength more

than we obfuscate

and that alone

is enough

to obliviate

the occasional mess..


46 responses to “total woman

  1. Reminds me of a great relationship that is worth the occasional mess b/c of the balancing of two very different individuals. Also, totally agree about the obliviate / obfuscate rhyme… awesome

  2. Nicely written! You’ve got some really tight lines that keep the flow of the poem. Well done!


  3. oh I can see so much clearer now that I actually looked up those O words how could I be so dim it was like I was under some sort of spell or something..well written as always a joy to most people say I’m too logical but I just see it all either black or white..I write to improve my ability to imagine..have I said too much sorry I’m just a woman who talks way too much and now I have two more words I can use!

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