it is hard when

you are not around

i really depended on

you to keep me awake

and all our hopes alive

by staying truthful

and behaving truthful


it is that simple to

keep my anxiousness

at ease so long as that


in your hands

is always held tightly

and kept warm..




20 responses to “diamond

  1. Love is so powerful that when you invest so much of yourself in a relationship, its draining not to have that person around. To symbolize your connection as a diamond was my favorite part. Really beautiful.

  2. What an unusual choice using a diamond — but so apropos. For a diamond is multifaceted- and if one is fortunate enough will get one without many flaws… it can also be an extremely hard, highly refractive crystalline. Allowing one to see into the soul of the diamond, but with rose colored glasses on.

    Interesting ….. a rare beauty a rare soul.


  3. Considering the title, that was a very unexpected poem! 🙂
    And so lovely! Got some mushy fuzzy feelings inside of me on reading those last few lines..
    A very warm poem…

    Thanks for sharing…

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