you have flown away



as you flap

and turn your head down

you saw

that I was waving at you

and uttering to you

from below

but from a height like this

and the view that holds

promise before you

you soared on

you knew

that even if you did


you would have great difficulty

understanding me

because you are a bird

and I am a man

and I was not structured

with wings like yours

and moreover

you will be annoyed


trying to decipher me

speaking in a tongue

not of your own


and so freely you flew on

without regard..




24 responses to “freely

  1. Again, I love the way your verse flows so easily from one line to the next and moves me through the poem. And then there is the simplicity and suggestive nature of the images. A world of story hinted at in the one incident/moment. Thanks. – Bill

  2. I laugh because I’ve had that same experience countless times. Not it isn’t flying, it is trying to converse with birds in our tree. Sometimes, I swear we are carrying on a conversation. LOL Great poem.

    • brightest jewels? i think the situation or encounter of that moment eases the greatest inspiration- the silent voice that speaks to you when you felt it most.. thanks trish..

  3. Woooowww… I wanna be a bird.. but a chirpy one, that doesn’t fly very very high .. like a sparrow! Yes, I wanna be a sparrow… I think doves and sparrows have the best possible connection with humans… Ok, i am going on and on with my ramblings…
    The point is, I loved your poem! There seems to be a lot of feeling in it… very heartfelt… The tome was was soo understanding, and yet so wanting..
    Really lovely !

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