peaceful dove

on the palm

of my left hand

you placed

your heart


peaceful dove

you contorted

my right hand

to image the left

and on it

you planted

your soul


peaceful dove

as I closed my eyes

you opened up my mind

and rested in

your worries


in tranquility

your breath now

permeates my conscience

your sequential giving

changed me

there is speech

in this stillness


peaceful dove

like a yogi

I mused

at your inner beauty

in between silence..




50 responses to “yogi

  1. fiveloaf

    I read and read this one , each time I have a different encounter with self……love is divine is love is pure,
    my self, my soul a union with another, a union with another soul, the divine.

    You have such beautiful thoughts ….
    from an incurable romantic,

  2. Wonderful pace. I actually feel this sense of stillness as I read, like if the voice in my head gets too loud as I read the poem will shatter like glass.

  3. With this, you emit signs of being out on a soul-searching expedition…
    Some really meaningful lines in there…
    “as I closed my eyes
    you opened up my mind
    and rested in
    your worries”
    This is a reminder that once in a while, we need to close our eyes to the outsides, and open up to ourselves on the inside… somehow, this is the best way to balance things out..
    An excellent poem… thanks for sharing this, Kris..

  4. Hi Fiveloaf. It’s been awhile, and thank you so much for the comment on my poem.

    I’ve just read this poem after posting a new one on my blog – WOW! This is beautiful! It really speaks to me peacefully and I’m liking your style – we seem to be on a similar wave-length. Lol. 🙂

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