32 responses to “bubblegum

  1. that’s a good one — all chewed up. Love comes with pleasure and its companion is asleep on the bed — pain.. then they switch roles…


  2. Hah!! Too good! As thoughtful as ever… short and pierced right through!!!
    I remember lashing out a similar dialog to a friend once (ofcourse that wasn’t anything serious).. and he had replied by calling me a drama queen 🙂

    • 🙂 and did you? ooh wow! i am currently in denial that that ever was an intention inflicted on purpose cos it was never made known but i know i was good fun for a while and i do not want to assume the worse. if it really was meant to be done with the worse of intentions, i believe remorse would come sooner or later to that person cos i am cute and charming!

      • Yea… maybe I was in denial too … I still am not quite sure… I suppose one never likes admitting he/she was made a total fool of 🙂

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