thump thump thump!

I     graze     at     the     surface     of

your      warm       melting       heart

and  it  went  thump thump thump!

to    the      middle    of      my    cart


and  so  I   haste   to   the   middle

of     my     warm      melting     cart

to  hear  it   thump  thump  thump!

as  it    beats  loudly  in  my  heart..




67 responses to “thump thump thump!

      • yes, i have been on quite a hiatus. unfortunately, i still haven’t fully returned yet, as i am leaving the country tonight for a month.

        however, your work is as captivating as always ~ i hope to be around more soon : )

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  2. Amazing!!!
    And as I read your poem
    in whole or in part
    I hear a thump thump thump
    Oh…it was just my heart…

    Thanks for this lovely read!

  3. Came back to say how your poem stuck in my head all day , like when you hear a song on the radio and keep hearing it play in your head all day.

    Really awesome.

  4. letting you know I am getting your poem to my file so that it appears on Promising Poets Parking Lot…

    I will post text only, and with your name, general blog link included.
    Thank you for the contribution!

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