nature’s gravity

does  the  earth

grip    the    tree


does   the   tree

grip  the  earth?


nature’s  gravity

our     attraction..





88 responses to “nature’s gravity

  1. real out of the box thinking and beautifully expressed. We need to question our assumptions, now more than ever. This is important as we are evolving at a rapid rate. This poem is a wonderful example of how we can just accept everything we have been taught until one day, someone (you, for example) say, “Yeah, but what if……” hugs, pat

  2. very cool poem.. and, ummm… I’m sure that I don’t know the answer to this. Are you trying to hurt my brain?? 😉

    Seriously love how you pulled it together with the last lines. Very nice. Thanks.

  3. Were you gripped by mirth,
    Or did you grip mirth,
    When the question you posed,
    Was already supposed,
    Now you’ve got me grinning,
    Even though my head is spinning.

  4. as a child i used to think about these things and argue with others “how can they prove that its the earth that pulls us and other things” 🙂

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