mighty man

by the flick

of his tongue

mighty man bullshits

his way to fame..


by the stroke

of his pen

mighty man coerces

his way to fortune..


by the strength

of his muscle

mighty man arm twist

his way to power..


because of his success

mighty man thinks

he is all civilised till

he meets mighty woman..


and by the comb

of her hair

mighty man purrs

under her skirt..




53 responses to “mighty man

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    • man had always been animalistic all these while- no matter how well they cover it up with their so called civilised ways.. thanks shaky for dropping by- feel free to browse anytime. hey maybe you’d like to search for “mood swing” or “a tale from the sky”?

  3. Ha! Not what I expected at the end, but so true! A man, no matter how ‘great’ or how rich or powerful, will give up anything and everything – on purpose or by fall from grace – for a woman… (would that it happens to me…)

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