as usual

when you leave

to judge

go with a full heart

open your arms

to the joy

and banish

all the uncertainties

plaguing your mind

for I will remain



and faithful

as usual

and opening my arms

I await your return

with joy and a full heart

and in my mind

I am certain

that when you come home

after judging

it is love as usual..




40 responses to “as usual

  1. I will remain steadfast…..home is where we should find our peace…..well stated here…bkm

  2. dear soulintention and anyone that reads or responds: Have you looked at the way that peace is found in you, and can be found in every opportunity of experience and not just in a specific place?

    dear fiveloaf and anyone that reads or responds,
    May I ask why you if not bring love to work?

    For I bring all of my true existence and love in every job I do.

    • i do i do ana- i see love in everyone- makes my day better to be able to receive and vice versa spread the love around but i do shun away from gossipers..

    • hmmm no but she’s a judge in a debate competition- thanks for dropping by! hey, maybe you’d enjoy my posting called “caged”? will enjoy your comment please..

  3. This is beautifully done…I like the fact that the freedom is given to the subject but with the guarantee of nothing changing in their absence…This piece to me was really beautiful. The concept is on a class of its own…Nice work…Cheers!!!

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