in you

I have transformed

you have broken the chain

of silence

with the sound of nature

fluting inside my ears..


in you

I found peace

you have tranquilled

my innermost sanctum

by your breath

you gave me new life..


in you

I found love

a sight of endless eternity

a state of soothe

a craving of freshness

a want..


in you

I found happiness

at dawn you scattered

your dew at my feet

a scent most calming

purifying my thoughts..


in you

I found joy

you have affected me

with beauty most alluring

I delight in your presence

that I may continuously feel you..


in you

all my senses awaken

a change most longing

breaking new skin

I took charge

a metamorphosis..





I am

a dinosaur

living on the brink

of bohemianism

I danced

and grew wings

every time I gaze

at those big brown eyes

and curvaceous cheekbones

of yours

that smiled like clouds

and carried me to the sky


each time my tail stood at end

you smiled

with a radiance that beams mangoes

effortlessly to your lips

many a time

I bellow in ecstasy

stomping on all fours I ponder

if your endless fascination with me

links with the dinosaur I am

or that you found me

genuinely cute and cuddly

paying homage to you..