the nest

One night, two birds were seen arguing over

who  should  be  tending  over  the  nest they

both built high atop the tree.  The fact is both

of them should. But because they both loved

the nest,  they thought that  building the nest

was all there is to do. And so, they were both

seen  busily building  the nest day in and day

out.  For some peculiar reason, each weren’t

conscious over what the other had done and

in  their  haste,  they  forgot  to  stop,   admire

nor praise each other for the fine  handiwork.

Instead,  both of them kept complaining  that

the other should be doing the  tending.  Well,

the moon just beamed its widest smile. “It  is

a strong nest!”  the  moon  says. ” Needed no