16 responses to “sunny cheek

  1. haha- ya ke? tak pa ler.. i sukakan thema ni! macam earth hour- you dim your blog lights, i dim mine too- how much discount we get from wordpress? haha!

  2. Very original! 🙂
    It started of very profoundly, than eventually warmed and became cool. I like that, perhaps that’s why it’s called ‘sunny cheek’.
    Good to see you stop by.
    Have a blessed week.

  3. rules restated:

    #1: post a poem and place the link under my post.
    #2: visit and comment for 12 fresh poets for requirement.
    #3: visit all participants, not required, but strongly recommended
    so that you get feedback from participants…
    #4. let me know after you have done the basics, means commented for 12 poets that are new to you.

    welcome in,
    you make me smile!

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