new spring

waddling through the jungle

in search of new spring

inflicted me with cuts

and bruises all over

but I never allow it

to distract my focus

because I know that in time

wounds will heal

and scars will fade away

and this

is but a part of

this amazing adventure

of my journey

into new life

with you..




breathless addiction

you live inside

my never-ending desire for hope

such immaculateness

smitten’s me to the core

of my yearning

and I love

the little drops of sweeteners

you squeezed into my ears

it is a drowsy breathless addiction

and like all addictions

not only am I happily sedated

I have trouble letting go..




bed of nails

all this while

I was lying on

this bed of nails

as the wind and rain

gorges my skin

from up above

keeping me distracted

I was totally unaware

of the pain

prickling below


when you came

into my life

and rested yourself on me

blocking me from the wind

and rain

only then did I

regain consciousness

and realize the discomfort

of having to lie

on this bed of nails..