it is not a whim

when I first noticed you

it is not a flounder

when I first plunge into

your snowy talcum

to discover myself

wading towards

your remote enclave

lily in mouth

a tenderness of

endless white

and soft suppleness

a treasure bundled in calm

and gourmet richness

awakening my senses

with an endearing aroma

a new frontier

of wishful promises

that makes me

want to stay on






in great earnest

we stalked upon

our reflection

inside that small

spherical glass

to solder back

the filaments

of our fragility

and to rediscover

the finer elements

that once warm

and glow

our hearts

and to remain wishful

that it will in time

burn away

all the distortions

that mar our journey

and taint us

into helpless