loyal fan

you are my most loyal fan

ever since I first started

to act

you are always there

sitting in the front row


from curtain draw

to curtain close

no matter how I stumble

or fumble

on stage

no matter how many flaws

I make

you never stop paying attention

and I thank you


from where I stand

I watched you too

every night

you are always engrossed

synchronizing your facial gestures

with mine

to every emotion I express

I have seen you weep

I have seen you cheer and clap

I have also seen you anxious

and horrified

your gesture means a lot to me

especially to an actor like me

because it spurs me to act better

every other night


and every time without fail

when the show is about to end

you are the first to shout


you are my most loyal fan

and I bow down to you

like every actor would

but you did not stop there

just before the cheering fades

just when I thought the night is over

you will come up on stage

and give me your bouquet

and that is why I consider you

my most loyal fan

ever since..




a life of a rainbow

a life of a rainbow

a float of wanting

a twinkle of trees

a sparkle in your eyes


a fleece of wind

a string of trust

a boat of sunlight

a gleam in your smile


a gather of clouds

a now of forever

a calm of distance

a beauty in your breath


a hillock of wonder

a trunk of fortune

a platter of kisses

a chirping in your ears


a swirl of colours

a cup of wishes

a train of hearts

a radiance of hope..