sick audience

a       singer       unheard

a       score       unknown

a stage  unlike  the  rest

the  audience  murmurs


a        news        unheard

a   message    unknown

a gossip unlike the rest

the   audience   tremors


a        love         unheard

a        love        unknown

a  love  unlike   the  rest

the   audience  ruptures


sick                   audience..




10 responses to “sick audience

  1. The show must go on, always, good work my dear…keep it up, and if you can find the time visit my blog and answer my poll of which works you think i did best…I hope to see ya soon and that you have much luck and happiness throughout your day, and days to come

  2. A different take on the stage of life. I work with special needs kids and this so often is what it is like for them.
    thanks – beautiful

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