tale from the sky

a foggy evening

a pale freezing sky

a swish of rain

a fall down its leaves..


a melt of you

a finger down your spine

a mango cusp the tree

a drip into the river..


a tune on its bark

a summer on your lobe

a canopy open

a twinkle of refreshing..


a tale from the sky

a couple in smiles

a playground of fingers

the waters sparkle..





58 responses to “tale from the sky

  1. tale from the sky — it reads especially out loud as a lovers song — with a melodious rhythm or soft cadence to it. With soft touches of hands –they come together, mingling with the warm rain — flowing together like water,



  2. Beautiful!! A sensuous and romantic one…
    The experience is lovely!! Both, the poem, and the real thing 🙂

    Thank you for linking this refreshingly delightful with poetry potluck.. it is soooo befitting the theme too!! Thanks! 🙂

  3. How did you make a foggy, freezing, rainy evening feel so beautiful? Your words are magic…. I love “a melt of you and a twinkle of refreshing”… these lines are gorgeous. 🙂 Heartspell

    • your comments are magical too heartspell..i guess we needed to picture the destination of the situation or thing as it travels through rather than letting the pen control us.. hope this helps..

  4. “tale from the sky

    a couple in smiles

    a playground of fingers

    the waters sparkle..”

    A beautiful, evocative poem. Well done you!

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