frozen fears

we now trampled down

a road less travelled

physical embrace

has slipped in

where emotions dwell

and we understand


we understand

the frozen fears

behind the touch

the countless caricatures

and the technicolor pages

of our walk


the trust of seeing

of feeling

of revealing

of soaping

of running through the rain

for the first time

and that


in prayer

is the trust much-needed

to elude

theΒ frozen fears

of this road

less travelled..




128 responses to “frozen fears

  1. thought provoking, sensitive, truly beautiful. Fear is the enemy of us all. When we work past our fears, we are unstopable. thanks you for sharing this poem. Hugs, pat

  2. This is such a sweet piece. Yes- trust is key to overcome uncertainty. You’ve expressed that very well in this piece. I like the fact that it’s the body language that’s speaking and it is understood and trust becomes evident. Very nicely done indeed!

  3. You have an amazing talent to instill the most complex of emotions into the simplest of structures to create magnificent art – great write!

  4. Lately, I have been very interested in the mind-body connection. Mainly because western civilization is so far off the mark! I think you have given us a wonderful reminder to trust the body’s experience in these lines:

    the trust of seeing
    of feeling
    of revealing
    of soaping
    of running through the rain
    for the first time

    Sometimes our bodies are much smarter than our brains!

  5. That’s the best poem I’ve read yet.

    I’ve decided to get an email subscription to your blog. I get so side-tracked sometimes. I always love your poems!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog πŸ™‚ a very thoughtful poem…sometimes fear, if channelled properly, can really help to deal with a situation…just a thought.

  7. The first step is always the most intimidating. We tremble, within our own insecurity, wondering if we’ll enjoy the adventure. -kay salady

    I enjoyed your poem very much. Thank you!

  8. Trust is the key! Despite all our great education and knowledge, in the end, we need the prayers and trust to embark on the road less traveled.

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