we skim

the brim of our life

everything that

runneth over the lid

everything that

threatens to extinguish

the flames we built

below the cauldron of our love


our consistent watching

over it

could never prevent

some spillage

from staining the sides


life’s little exigencies..




180 responses to “life

  1. Holy cow! That is so divine. Brims and rims and spilling stains. Just wonderful imagery!


    I’m excited about this week, and all the upcoming give-ways on my blog β€” including 7 poetry books by Billy Collins and 7 of my cds, (of songs I wrote.) Come on over!!


  2. Amazing Fiveloaf! πŸ™‚ I really felt this from inside out! Words spoken so beautifully and never more true. For me your poem felt like my own couldren lately, which keeps bubbling to the brim and overflowing and there’s nothing I can do to stop it!…ha! ha! love love love this xox

  3. I had to reread this a few times. Every time I did it has meant something different to me. A very abstract poem with striking evocative imagery. A personal favourite of mine. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love this poem – I love the message it provides – partly that no matter what we do, there will be some ‘mistakes’ or ‘spillage’ – but from that I personally gleam that we should not watch our lives so consistently, as it does not help anyways!

  5. If we could all know this!! Very beautiful..fiveloaf.. and a standing ovation for your popularity deserved.. do visit my three contributions at PPL.. your feedback would be heartening and useful I know..

  6. How I have missed your wonderful talented work my friend…this one’s very special. Congrats on your derserved win and all the best for 2011….with lots of great writing!! Big hugs oxo

  7. Beautiful words.
    Prevention of spill is required.
    Boil within brim is permissible.
    Some stains and spillage are unavoidable.
    I enjoy the permissible stains and spillage and treat them as make up.
    ‘Do what one believes in and believe in what one does’ is the best strategy.
    Thanks for the share.

  8. This is especially poignant when our “cup runneth over”

    Which do we skim? Which do we allow to run down the sides to stain? Easier questions answered when we’re beset by life’s difficulties… Thanks for getting my brain engaged this morning!


  9. I will sit with the cauldron of love for a while. Especially since I have been contemplating love and violence due to recent events. We really have to bubble over to counter act this environment that is being created. And then love will magically transform. There it is…the cauldron of a “witch” is the carrier of magic and love or magical love. Hmm.

  10. There is such strong and Beautiful imagery in this piece… I , l, like you, don’t want the spills to extinguish the warm glowing fires, nor do I want to dwell on the stains. Well done, my friend.

  11. our consistent watching

    over it

    could never prevent

    some spillage

    from staining the sides —-> Love this part. It just goes to show that life is unpredictable. πŸ™‚

  12. Sometimes the stains are the most beautiful parts. I really liked that this made me think. Thanks for sharing this poem.

  13. A kick-butt write! I loved the part of the spillage just being a part and should be expected. By the way, liked the interview I read on you – my computer was acting funny so i wasn’t able to comment when I read it!

  14. This is very nice….I like the visuals as well…so true we can’t keep it all in no matter how we try. Some spillage does not deter our growth.

    Thanks so much for the invite to Potluck.

  15. First, thanks for your kind comment on my poem. I am working with my teacher on imagery.

    This is a lovely and powerful poem. “The caldron of our love” is delicious and so concrete an image as well as a strong emotional statement. Well done.


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