scarlet rain

scarlet rain

you stain every perception

that appears before us

soaking us with your ugliness


scarlet rain

your taste of salt

swayed our composure

consumed us with your doubts


scarlet rain

we backed away from you

but you always linger on the foreshore

allowing your stench to permeate


scarlet rain

you have no reason to be here

you are at the wrong place

leave us alone..




58 responses to “scarlet rain

    • yet again? i think so not.. i love it when my poems prick someone else’s brain- i don’t care much about those i give you, you give me kind of awards offence meant!

  1. scarlet rain…whoa this was awesome if I’m following this correctly I definitely understand scarlet rain and you depicted the “whoas” of a relationship nicely…

  2. If by Scarlet rain you mean something like jealousy …you should know sometimes we don’t want to feel it, we don’t want to look like little people controlled by little, miserable feelings, but the heart feels what it wants to feel! I loved the post! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Blood and the poisons that can sometimes flow through it…and even taint it. A lot to think about. Interesting metaphor. Seems like the flow between two people should always be easy and natural but sometimes the littlest things can spoil so much. Peace be with you.

  4. It’s the repetition of scarlet rain that drives this poem for me…with each stanza I try to image what scarlet rain is…I like what my mind defines it to be…gotta love a poem that takes thoughts to various places and spaces…nicely done.

  5. Wickedly written! I must have watched too many Nightmare on Elm Streets on the weekend, the first image that came to mind was blood raining down! After reading what you had in mind, it made the piece even more interesting!

  6. Scarlet is an amazing color. Perfect for passion, evil, life, zeal, excitement, danger…an amazing color. Scarlet rain is so ambiguous, no way I could guess what you mean, but it plays with my imagination. πŸ™‚

  7. Scarlet is one of my favorite words! It evokes strong images and emotional responses for me. Ranging from love to pain…

    I dig this poem, the mysterious aspect of it!

    Have a fantastic day!

  8. Oh… this was very rich imagery! It sure conjured up flashes of a torrential rain rendering one hopeless!
    I really loved the metaphorical use of rain here..
    Poignant stuff, FL…

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