140 responses to “broken home

  1. Those words drawn me in completely.. They were exactly what I had been saying since young..

    Afflicting, it is yet somewhat it is true for a few (me, for instance)…

    Anyway, thanks for writing such a powerful and intense poem… It melted my resentment in some ways at least knowing there is someone out there (like you) who could comprehend it.. 🙂

    S.Pike (Krislin)

  2. I want to believe that one experience led not to a repeat, but a change. I often say the purest of writes come from sad situations.

    Was your syllable count on purpose 7766. Sorry sometimes I get lost in the syllables lol.

  3. They say “home is where the heart is”, so if the heart is in a good place of pure feeling, then both heart and home can be mended toward wholeness…. my wish for you. Very transparent words you’ve expressed here… thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi fiveloaf, thanks for your visit to my blog.

    This here is a good but sad poem.

    today is different
    past is gone for ever now
    spread your wings and fly

    hope that is a haiku too lol. Good luck!

  5. Nice poem, small, moving, deep in meaning.

    I think life throws us all challenges and curveballs on occasion. It takes work but that can be changed for the better.
    My advice friend, look at everything like it is the last time, you will find love and get love back for your curiosity and concern.

    Best wishes to you.

  6. Who ever really knows how to love? Good thing love knows how to overtake us.

    Good poem. It provoked a response in me. Thank you for sharing it.

  7. sigh, there are too many broken homes out there. whether we break the homes or the homes break us, its all still a shame…

  8. short sharp shock, frankly i dont enjoy sad endings may be cause me is too +ve (blood group is b+) 😉 but these few lines say a volume here …. Cheers mate and hope u find a reason to change the ending

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