I looked at you

you looked at me

we looked at them

in disgust


their very own backyard

is overgrown with weeds

and yet

they are pointing fingers

at ours?


I looked at you

you looked at me

we shook our heads

we laughed..




33 responses to “backyard

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  2. Wow is it Thursday there already? I forget sometimes that the world is on different times. I keep thinking we’re all under the same stars 🙂

  3. a deep poem, i should say… there are so many proverbs about your poem.. but you wrote a poem that is easy to remember, yet points out a lot to the readers… 🙂

    • hey ishabelle- always my no. 1 supporter but more than that, you give wonderful comments. you might also be interested in my 20 selected works which i personally choose? bye!

  4. We humans are so jugdgemental…thanks for the reminder we need to take it lighly and laugh. Enjoyed this play on it.

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