waters off penumbra

waters off penumbra

we are but elements

on the silken loom

while you weft quietly

under the moonlight

weaving rivers of patterns

back and forth

over and under me

I warped

facing the stars

I dutifully clung on to receive you

our tendrils go different ways

we function differently

but we accentuate in great finesse

with your skill and determination

and my strength

with you above

and me supporting below

the tapestry of our love

finally flourish in brilliant colours

waters off penumbra

we deserve the accolades together

we revolutionise

and we did it

with no thimble..




51 responses to “waters off penumbra

  1. Wow how stunning and so heartfelt. I wish sometimes I could write this lovingly, perhaps I should try and melt my heart a little!

  2. u do beautiful things,
    I have had a cold now,
    wish your day go by full of sweetness!

    a poem filled with wit and emotion!
    Happy Saturday!

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  4. Sweet — the perfect poet award for the perfect poem. One of your finest, you are quite good at this tender love penned in a most beautiful way.


  5. What a beautiful tapestry you have woven on the silken loom to share with your most fortunate viewers (readers)…this is so serene; so loving and so lovely. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your woven words. 🙂 Heartspell

  6. You for sure deserve this accolade!! Congratulations, FL…
    This really was a lovely poem!! And especially today, this means a lot to me, cuz Amanda and I posted a poem that we both wrote together! So your poem felt very special indeed…

    “and we did it
    with no thimble..” — that really did it for me! those lines were simply superb!

    Thanks for submitting this sweet poem at poetry potluck… your support is totally counted on!

  7. Hope to see you next Monday,
    thanks for the lovely comments for our participants..
    your poetry is stylish and tasty…
    have fun today,
    carry pride,

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