scented flowers

scented flowers

your petals sublime me

I trace your contours

in awe

fingers unfailing

every spread


and moist

that glistens

its delicate surface..


scented flowers

you spellbound me

I closed my eyes

and by the breath of day

I melted

between the sprays

of your lovely petals

in all sweetness

in all freshness

I peer open..


scented flowers

that one moment

brought thousands of petals

come raining down



slime on my lips

I stretched out my hands

to feel the curves

elation lingers




26 responses to “scented flowers

  1. Beautiful!! And sensual.

    And how nice dedicated to Jingle! Jingle is actually the reason I found your blog — talk about “sublime.”

    And because of Jingle and her own “breath of day” beauty and friendship… I am hereby bestowing the “Jannie Funster Lucky Lupine Award” upon YOUR poetry blog! You can see it and whisk it home away from this post of mine…



  2. hi friend william here from Jingles, this is marvelous what a job u made of this fascinating poem, I am pleased I came over would not have missed this..:)

  3. i used to have prose along with poetry on my old blog, but i’ve found myself largely writing poetry since i’ve started rhapsody rerouted.

    i already have your page linked on my site, as i’m sure you’ve noticed ~ please feel free to add mine to yours, too, if you wish.

    i was reading through your 20 selected works, and i find myself drawn to the simple, untainted honesty of your works and intrigued by the yet unaltered sincerity.

    thank you for all your compliments, and thank you for being an inspiration ~ : )

    • wow, thank you samanthayeh- a japanese friend once taught me that ‘it is easy to be complicated but difficult to be simple’. so, if someone can bring out the crux of their thoughts with as little words as possible using simple everyday english, that to me is the winner! btw, long essays(stories) are not poems to me.. and sure, thank you for adding me- of course i’d add you..

  4. Dearest fiveloaf,

    It amazes me that you are able to select just 20 selected works when you
    actually have so many more!

    Firstly I am not a poet, I have never learn the art of writing , the only writing classes I attended is Compulsory English. Hence I do not know how to be a critic of any value and I am not a hypocrite, if you get me.

    However, I really like SIMPLE words. I like your works as you are able to make a word become MAGICAL and when I read your poetry , it is like I am seeing a 3D movie, you get me? See, I told you I am a hopeless critic, so , please do not laugh.

    Thank you so much for sharing your works ,
    I am truly humbled by your talent and wisdom.


  5. appreciating a scented flowers in all senses… i love this poem, it’s like a slow motion movie of an act of looking & sniffing a flower… beautiful!

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