twisted thoughts

more truth

brings darkness

to light


more light

brings truth

to darkness


more darkness

brings light

to truth


twisted thoughts

tires the mind

try believing..




73 responses to “twisted thoughts

  1. Very unique, and well said, but be careful what you believe, for what we believe, it seems to me — have a habit of coming true. Indeed this was a nice twist of the “mind” … Bravo!

  2. Very clever, well done! A candle flame will dispel the darkness in the circle of it’s strength…you don’t need much light, much truth or much belief to make a difference to yourself and someone else. :))

    • this kind of poetry is called poetry by kris lee or fiveloaf if it has a name haha! (just kidding lol!) but really, i would love it if someone could classify all my poems for me.

  3. the type of poetry is just called blank tercets. It’s still technically free verse, just what i like to call ‘nicely-structured free verse’. And great word economy, as usual. Tercets are my favourites. I use blank tercets a lot. Though there is a lot of repetition here so maybe someone wants to argue my definition…

    • thanks bro for enlightening me on this style of poetry. looks like you are the expert here true and true and i am just a novice who likes to conceptualize my writings for better effect haha!

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