73 responses to “twisted thoughts

  1. Very unique, and well said, but be careful what you believe, for what we believe, it seems to me — have a habit of coming true. Indeed this was a nice twist of the “mind” … Bravo!

  2. Very clever, well done! A candle flame will dispel the darkness in the circle of it’s strength…you don’t need much light, much truth or much belief to make a difference to yourself and someone else. :))

    • this kind of poetry is called poetry by kris lee or fiveloaf if it has a name haha! (just kidding lol!) but really, i would love it if someone could classify all my poems for me.

  3. the type of poetry is just called blank tercets. It’s still technically free verse, just what i like to call ‘nicely-structured free verse’. And great word economy, as usual. Tercets are my favourites. I use blank tercets a lot. Though there is a lot of repetition here so maybe someone wants to argue my definition…

    • thanks bro for enlightening me on this style of poetry. looks like you are the expert here true and true and i am just a novice who likes to conceptualize my writings for better effect haha!

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