137 responses to “springtide

  1. Wonderful, Fiveloaf! I haven’t read the other comments, but in case no one has mentioned it yet, “ushers” should be “usher.”

    Thanks for dropping by my site and for leaving a comment! I wish you, as always, enough. . .

  2. I like the descending shape of the poem. Marriage vows are one thing but a real partnership descends into embodiment- proven by our responses to the challenges and contents of real world experience.

    My wife and I ride the tides of all seasons.

    One Love-Tiger

  3. Very much dug this for the imagery of the moment. Such simple ideas blended into something much more extrinsic to the poem. As always, excellent work. The ease with which you built the image is impressive; leaves quite a mark on the reader! Hope all is well,


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