125 responses to “the tears

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  3. Because peonies are of course healing, protective going all the way back to greek legend. Very clever and adds that perfect depth to so few lines. (Thanks for stopping by my blog – so glad you liked it :))

  4. Yes, I do like this poem. Short and sweet, with a subtle power. The word peonies grabs my attention, which holds on tightly to the last two lines. And then the word “heart” gives my attention release into that “Ahhhhhh” moment. So nice. Thank you.

  5. Reads like a tribute to growth. One witnesses a metamorphosis. Transformation.

    Its brilliant.

    Yours sincerely,
    Philharmonic poet.

    Health and happiness to you and yours.

  6. Is there anything left for me to say? Everyone before me got the best words 🙂 So … keep writing I can only add , always a pleasure to come by here!

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