I am holed

you can see  through  me

you can see inside of me

or you can fit  yourself  in


I am naked

you can  clothe  me

you can ignore  me

or you can hide me


I am helpless

you  can  keep  me

you can dump  me

or  give   me  away


whatever  it  is

no matter how

treat  me  kind

for I  am yours..




59 responses to “helpless

  1. We truly are mostly at the mercy of others, aren’t we and when we are transparent we are wide open to others who wish to harm but, being wide open is the only way to fully be alive too. Lovely piece!

  2. This was a really interesting write. The first stanza reads almost like a riddle, more like an object, and the others read more like a person. The lesson of kindness and treating something/someone gently is timeless, though. Nice write! 🙂

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