false prophet

leveraging yourself with  the  innocence  of

the bible is fostering sin at the expense  of

god. the bible  preaches  love.  you  preach

dissension. look at the specks in your own

eyes.  you are nothing but a  false  prophet..




12 responses to “false prophet

  1. the shall nots are written by man, like dressing your best when you go to church? huh? why? you mean the beggar can’t enter? but god created us naked! he knows us through and through, and he is omnipresent meaning he is all around us. does he exist only within the four walls of the church? i was very annoyed by someone when i wrote this in february. he is a church elder going around triggering everybody up with his self made do’s and don’ts trying to portray himself as angelic trying to cover up the evil wolf in him and so right after i wrote this and posted it in my fb status making sure he read it, i deleted him off completely..

  2. Why do people think there is a god? If the shall nots are made by man, why isn’t the god of love also something man dreamed up? There really is no way for us to ever understand much of anything…is there?

    • wonders of the universe made man conclude that there is indeed a being in control. otherwise who made the birds fly, the thunders roar and the moon to suspend itself from the sky? prehistoric man does not have a mindset like ours. their brains are teeny weeny. they understand killing for food and the word civilise doesn’t exist. theories of long ago were waiting to be proven still and galileo was scorned at by the pope as well as michelangelo who were taken to task when he painted naked men and ladies on the ceiling of the sistine chapel. so hope then was all there is. as long as science cannot prove the existence of everything, man will and continually believe in god.. and god exists in every person who prays for a miracle and was answered.. like a cure from a deadly disease for instance?

      • People are still scorned now if an opinion isn’t liked by the powers to be. I think the idea of a god would be very nice. Although, I believe it would be helpful if he/she were a bit more proactive. Thunder and lightening are great, but human interaction could be a bit sweeter. Since no one has ever come back from the dead to tell, we’ll all find out eventually who was holding the cards…

  3. Your writing is provocative; interesting exchange of ideas. Thanks for visiting me and giving me the opportunity to see your work and your thoughts on the Divine. Hugs, pat

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