a chinese love story

scene 1 take 1:


she showed him how

to grind the ink stone

redefining its consistency


scene 2 take 1:

firmly but gently

she held his hand

guiding his brush stroke

applying grace with pressure


scene 3 take 1:


she helped him retell their story

no blots, no stains

all perfectly balanced




a splendid calligraphy









102 responses to “a chinese love story

  1. I like the way you attempted to weave in poetry within a drama. Especially how you put up calligraphy as the main theme, bringing a final touch to the word painting! Looking forward to more inspirational pieces from you:)

  2. I was hoping you were to continue with this one, an ode of sorts to the event…it was gracefully fluent and quite nice actually, I thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks.

  3. I love it! 😀 A beautiful love story told in a unique way. I love your use of calligraphy to illustrate their love story – the art helped them establish a deep connection 🙂 Well done

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