150 responses to “paper scribbles

    • so sorry but what is this sunshine award about? anyway, tq for the compliment and confidence in my writings..a pleasure to be nominated. and gee! do i need to prepare a speech then? (just kiddin) haha..

  1. isn’t this sweet- to know that as we move on, we only remember the good things, while the bitter things are forgotten! 😀

  2. Well. well…what to make of this. For starters it is very well written…the imagery takes you right there. Then, there is the mystery. I can read this two ways. Regrets for your own behavior …or…a regretful commentary on how you were treated. To me, that makes the piece all the more compelling. Anyway…I enjoyed. Vb

  3. Sad but hopeful at the end…maybe not all, but some can learn from their fights and mistakes…like how you pack so much in so few words. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Not hard to figure out that this is serious to feel like this when waking up. No charades..I like that the end is open to good things happening with this couple.

  5. Whatever the issue is, I like the way you handled it. No excuses or long windedness, just an authentic feeling response. That is so refreshing. Some times when I hurt my wife’s feelings, I will simply lay down on the ground no matter where(Costco, Rite Aid, the middle of the street) and stick all my limbs up into the air. Often the healing is immediate and graced with some laughs. I am trying to teach her to do it more with with me, but alas, some one must blaze the trail.

    PS-Thanks for reading my poem.

  6. I like how the title ties in with the feel/atmosphere of the poem. They do seem like paper scribbles, as a writer i know how during the outpour of feelings one ends up scribbling lines.

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