126 responses to “painted hallways

  1. A variety of expressions lend orchestral colors!! many events from the past take on different colors, and these exciting features will surely lend a particularly interesting quality to your hallway 🙂

    Good Wishes!!

  2. Very Interesting using hallways and splashes of color as metaphors I may be wrong but it reminds me of no matter where I go or what I wear, I am still just “me” A tree is a tree no matter the season.

    Either way —- if that is the meaning or not , it makes one pause and reflect — very well crafted – your poetry always brings me much pleasure to read.


  3. These lines are as intriguing as the name of your blog. I do agree, we sometimes we try to package things our way and dish it out in life but does it change the inherent nature?

  4. Good write that can be read in a variety of ways. I don’t know what you’d call it, symbolic fusion perhaps(?) but with a kaleidoscope of interpretations this is an amazing short poem. Whatever symbols or emotions the reader brings to the piece can be used in interpreting the main images the poem is built around gives it a good depth that you don’t find all that often in short poems.


  5. we do indeed paint the world our own, with this and that but yet we remain ourself beneath all the layers we put forth. thats a brilliant metaphor for so many things. you have left me pondering. i love that! 🙂 Happy Potluck!

  6. I enjoyed this. It gives off a whimsical feel to me, especially with the words “brightly splashed”. That last line suggests that the paint is covering up of something. Job well done friend!

  7. Maybe still just a hallway, but when you look at it as an entrance the meaning changes…so therefore, I look at it as the entrance to your colorful soul!

  8. Very poignant piece of poetry. It has me visioning children painting willynilly leaving a bright display of color, not damaging a hallway, because that is what it is a hallway.

    I loved this.

  9. You can paint it up all you wish, you can change how it looks, but never the basic substance lying at the core…the basic fact of what it *is*. Such truth – an image and a symbol that can be applied to people and to life-at-large as well…Nicely done.

  10. hi five! and a high five as well. nicely written…. i like the simple poems that have deeper meaning and you have accomplished. read, and read again…. 🙂

  11. Thanks for taking time to comment on my poem!
    I find your compact poem very moving. Such good use of imagery tied in with introspection makes for good poetry. Looking forward to more.

    Merry Christmas…………….cj

    PS: i hate halls.

  12. Ah!
    The (excellent) short poems get me every time! In this case I would take the “(excellent)” out of the brackets for sure. 🙂

    No matter the size of the space, there’s always room for imagination.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. I object to the “but” in the last line!
    If life is about the journey and the hallway is the way from the front door to the back, entry and exit, how we colour our hallway is everything!
    Disclaimer: Don’t take too much notice of me, I have no credentilas whatsoever
    I just love your poems… I wish you a colourful Christmas too!

  14. The story of lives painted in that hallway…I enjoyed this one very much, I love short poetry and the challenge of how much can be said in few words. Excellent!
    Thank you for visiting my Potluck piece. Merry Christmas to you. 🙂

  15. simple but personal. I like how what it doesn’t say leaves the reader to engage with the piece by creating the background and imagining the untold tale of the hallway!

  16. So simply written and yet very explained, things sometimes keep on being what they are no matter how much we try to change them.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 You made me think a lot!

  17. There’s a saying in my country that goes “Mono que se viste de seda, mono se queda.”

    A direct translation would be “The monkey who dresses in fine clothes is still a monkey.”

    So, if it was intentional or unintentional your poem has a similar meaning. Regardless of what your outer appearance is, you can’t change what you really are.

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