as I blink my curly lashes

in awe of your thighs

my breath quickens in pace

smooth, milky white



I longed to snuggle

over that entire length

and dream my next amorous dream

shapely, fragrant



as when it moves

turbulence streams my desire

cheekiness overwhelms my decency

my fingers loses control

and the entire concerto changed..


I worshiped those thighs..





8 responses to “thighs

    • haha! its a very thin line between sensuality and the banned and therefore i had to chose my words very carefully in order not to offend wordpress! tq for your comment..

  1. I’m disappointed to find that wordpress can be offended. Surely there is room for tasteful erotic poetry/writing? Either way, your words were well-chosen. I enjoyed it very much.

    • don’t get me wrong yousei- i like to be careful to make it sound sensual but not erotic- wordpress did not get offended. anyway, may i direct you to my december posting- ‘true love waits’? cos i noticed you like haiku very much- and that is my only haiku! leave some comments if you will please? tq.

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