I am caged

you are flying in mid air

despite this

you never left me

you are always here beside me

sharing your days with me

foregoing your winged freedom


I adored you..


from where I perched

I lidded my eyes

many a time

I tried to imagine myself as you

foregoing my winged freedom

accompanying the uncertain

I gaze in mid air..


I am thankful..


the day will come

when my eyes will slit open

the cage will vanish

uncertainties disintegrated

foregoing my winged freedom

I will be beside you

to stay with you

to live with you..





56 responses to “caged

    • its truly a phenomenon how you came by all the way to my old postings but i am glad you did cos this is where all the lovely grub is- thanks for dropping by and feel free to browse..

  1. Let me tell you that waiting for that disintegration of uncertainties is a painful proposition.

    Your poetry really touches me, fiveloaf.


    • there are poems that tugs the heart strings and poems that brings tears.. but reading it and momentarily forget yourself in bed do many a time help in the healing..

  2. what a wonderful but i must also say excruciatingly painful to owe to someone and love them, but you have limitations… beautiful, heartfelt poem..

  3. Love the confusion of who is caged and who is free, if either is…and the evocative lines, eyes slitted open… the calm repetition. This poem could be dark, with its somber look at love, but somehow that’s not the feeling I walk away with. Enjoyed it.

  4. Foregoing my winged freedom – that sounds like a typical man! LOL
    Nice one, Fiveloaf. Is there a girl out there who’d put up with you???

  5. There are times you can feel absolutely happy in a cage, even if it’s not gold, you feel so comfortable and loved that the cage doesn’t bother you … but there are times … freedom is what we all need. Liked it!

  6. When the cage lets you feel secure it’s acceptable. When the bars keep you from reaching a goal the cage is not acceptable. Whether you’re in or out, and still find what you’re looking for, that’s good.

  7. I love this! The way I interpreted it, you didn’t feel free before you met this special person, who was free and thus, helped (or is helping) you to soar…helped you get your own wings to fly, so to speak. What a lovely love story!

  8. I loved the book “I know why the caged bird sing” — it’s by Alice Walker. This piece reminded me of the book … some may wonder if a caged bird can be free in its confinement, and the answer is a resounding yes, a body might be caged, but a mind is always free to wonder.

    I enjoyed this one Fiveloaf … thought provoking indeed!

  9. Oh I am sorry about that …
    “I know why caged birds sing” is by Maya Angelou.
    These are two of my favorite authors and I sometimes get them mixed up … 😉 old age, that is the excuse i used these days.

  10. simply lovely, “foregoing my winged freedom” awesome line…fiveloaf….staying can be freedom in itself….blessings…bkm

  11. Something a little more emotional from you? A love-poem even? Have to say I quite enjoyed it… you seem to side-step the cheese/cliché with some ease…

    Warmest Salad

    Luke @ WordSalad

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