as I blink my curly lashes

in awe of your thighs

my breath quickens in pace

smooth, milky white



I longed to snuggle

over that entire length

and dream my next amorous dream

shapely, fragrant



as when it moves

turbulence streams my desire

cheekiness overwhelms my decency

my fingers loses control

and the entire concerto changed..


I worshiped those thighs..





I am caged

you are flying in mid air

despite this

you never left me

you are always here beside me

sharing your days with me

foregoing your winged freedom


I adored you..


from where I perched

I lidded my eyes

many a time

I tried to imagine myself as you

foregoing my winged freedom

accompanying the uncertain

I gaze in mid air..


I am thankful..


the day will come

when my eyes will slit open

the cage will vanish

uncertainties disintegrated

foregoing my winged freedom

I will be beside you

to stay with you

to live with you..