91 responses to “wedged

  1. This really touched me. I think we have all had the experience of saying and having someone say unknowing hurtful things. We dont always agree, or see things in the same way. But I stick by my motto, when you love someone you love them no matter what. No matter what you come back around to who you once were. What other choice is there, to sit in muddy self pity and heavy pride?

  2. the problem with unintentional uttered words is that it travels from the ear to the mind and into the heart- and that’s where the pain remains until we decide to let it go- words can get distorted when spoken in anger..

  3. wow..

    divine piece, the last line hits home.


    it would be helpful if you start from the entry next to yours, going backwards… the latest entries have the fewest visits..

    feel free to enjoy it.

    • thanks ji.. its about this hectic week that i am struggling with but i guess returning all the visits our fellow poets have made to my domain would sufficient madde up the 18 i think!

  4. I agree. Words are the weak link in communication. It is best to stay close until we are sure our intent was communicated accurately.

  5. words are sometimes not enough to express what we really feel… and just simple being with the person can replace a thousand words… beautiful and true! πŸ˜‰

  6. Dear fiveloaf, lovely short prose about misunderstanding and communication. Makes one feel as thought both of them have lives of their own:) Keep those thoughts flowing!

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  8. Hi. I just wanted you to know that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. There’s no pressure to accept, but I think your poetry and blog are pretty special, and thought you deserved an award for all your effort! If you’ve already received this award, then pay no heed to this kudos. πŸ˜‰ Thanks and congratulations!

  9. We so often get it wrong the 1sr, 2nd & even the 3rd time. If we would all give each other that much of a chance, we would not find ourselves so alone.

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