you  are   the  head

I     am      the     tail

we   are     a     coin

it        is       difficult

to  make   it   stand

on        the       edge

that      joins       us..




154 responses to “head

  1. Oh, very interesting this.. and life moves on with some times head up and and at others tail.. with total acceptance of each other as none tries to separate from the joint.. trust me..the coin will keep on shining..with happiness..

    A very creative take this!

  2. I like it! Concrete or shape poems are one of my favorite forms to write. Thanks for sharing this with me and for all your comments on mine. Let me know if you do anymore concrete poetry!

  3. You’ve done it – you’ve fit a circular object (coin) into a rectangular shape and you’ve done it with panache… plus there’s a great message succinctly put in few words. A perfect package – love it!

  4. Just amazing!One of my frustrations.To write in a style like this.Always so much in just a few words.Gotta learn this style.It’s truly an amazing way of conveying thoughts.

    Thanks for always dropping by on my side,too.I truly appreciate it!

  5. Sheesh! Got enough comments? (I”m so jealous!)

    I can see both sides of this, but I’m having difficulty deciding which one I like better. (Maybe I’ll just flip a coin!)

  6. Oh wow.. this is really good!! Opposites attract, alright.. but when they cannot meet, that’s when it get real sad…
    So simply stated, fiveloaf.. very nice!

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