neglected but loved

as he balances himself

on the tightrope

whilst picking up

all the roses that

had been placed

before him

he ponders the worthiness

of his effort

synchronising his breath

a tingling sensation

had already consumed his mind


as pespiration

trickles down

his well-built back

he quietly reassures himself

over and over again

that this is

after all

his first love..


it is already

equally challenging

to walk those flimsy threads

but the stooping down

to collect each and every bloom

is a task quite unlike others

his body aches

after every pick..


except for the spotlights

that filled the void

and the cold air that freezes

his well toned limbs

he is alone

suspended and neglected


he continues..


against the drum roll

and the roaring cheers of

the spectators below

did he realize

that he is

at his feats end

he waves

and smiled at the crowd

balancing glory

with pain

and endurance..