quiet desperation


we hover

through our days

in quiet desperation



the wind

that echoes through the hillocks

blows of inherency


how long still

will we need

to wade through the bulrushes

on our own


before we are conjoined

before our friends

before our loved ones

before God


I cling

to that thought

I hunger

for that acceptance



we still linger

through our nights

in quiet desperation





24 responses to “quiet desperation

  1. The calmness settles in
    And does this peace will begin
    To have as witness to God up above
    As God opens Soul with Love
    No desperation is ever needed Now
    For all of the Universe has done allowed

    enjoy Five Loaf(+)

  2. oh my gosh….i’m speechless. i wish i could write poetry like this. so many beautiful descriptions abound, so many beautiful words put together that melt in your heart…..

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