the hunter part 2

In his last bid to free himself from  the merciless  quicksand,

the  hunter  inches himself closer to that small vine  besides

the  pit.  As he  gripped that  little stem firmly and hung  on to

it  with  his   last  ounce   of  strength,  he  was   amazed  and

impressed  with  how  that  blooming  vine  took  grip  of  that

soil.  He expected it to give way and be uprooted  like  all  the

others, but no!  it  stood there  firmly, as  if  to  tell  him  never

to give up. On his sweat drenched face, the hunter managed

a grin.  He smiled  a little smile as he pulled himself up. The

hunter knew that he was finally released from that hell  hole.

He knew that he would finally be going home..

Escaping  from  that  leacherous slimy body that coiled  him,

nearly crushing him to amorphousness,   the  hunter  rested

on  that patch of  jungle clearing besides the vine.  Spent, he

lay faced down. Unknowingly, he dozes off..

In  his dream,  he  felt  warmth  radiating  from a light source

above.  He  saw  a vision of  that blooming vine transforming

itself into a faintly figure of a  woman he  never knew existed.

In that dream, he found himself lifted up towards that  faintly

figure-  and  that  image fluttered in  front of him and handed

him her heart. He noticed  how delicately perfect  her fingers

were.  He noticed  those  beautifully  carved  cheeks and  her

happy iridescent gaze.  The  hunter grinned again. This time,

he   understood  that  he  was   actually   home.  The   hunter

accepted her heart..




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