canopy of rain

as I watched my own reflection

staring back at me

from the puddle after a mild shower,

I asked myself if we are living

under a canopy of rain


as I runneth my hands over your hair

you stared at me

as you muddle over the love I shower

I asked myself if we are only playing

over that canopy of rain


as I watched you beam with hope & love

that stares back at me

as I fumbled in the shower

I asked myself if we are in denial

outside that canopy of rain


but chances are that

if we continue to bleak &  live

with the canopy of rain

hanging over our head and doorstep

let us rather cross

that threshold in mutiny

and leave that canopy of rain

behind us..




dance of the unicorns

there is never a moment

more incredible in my life

than to watch us dance

two unicorns by the beach

at the wake of the full moon


while the waves orchestrate its inherent melody

and the crabs were busily combing the sand

you and I galloped in perfect timing

chanting sweet nuances

when the wind was at its utmost calm


as we trod on lovers mountain

as we locked in physical embrace

the silhouettes conjoined as cupids danced


there is never a moment

more significant in my life

let us cherish it..





our love

like a dewdrop

descends down the leaf

in quiet sparkle

with the sunlight

as spectators

creating a setting

of pure content,


& soothe

a floating reverie

of coolness

& serenity

before landing lightly

onto the waters below

creating a gentle ripple

that opens up

a new array

of experiences

and a refreshing



our believe..