a perfectly nourished plum

are you happy little gal?

after you have found that perfectly nourished plum

stashed away in the drawer

unwanted, uncared for

& misunderstood?


will you handle it with care?

when you run your snowy white fingers

through its delicate pulp

each time you reminisce

the brief moments of togetherness?


will you cherish it forever?

after taking it all into your lips

and taste the hidden sweetness

that ease your years of pain

and emptiness?


in a world where no one cares

in quiet resplendance

the perfectly nourished prune

lay thinking..


little did he know

that the moment she found it

she cleansed it with her heart

and warmed it under the sun

she then planted it in the choicest plot

away from the weeds

hoping that in years to come

her tears of happiness & joy

will nourish that soil

and a perfect tree shall blossomed

so that

this perfect little gal

can live & play happily

under the shade

of this plum tree..





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